Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Kid on the Blog

Dear Fellow Internet Cowboys,

Here’s my spankin' new blog.

In my never ending "to-do"list, starting and keeping up a blog was not included. I have many wrongs to make right in my life, I have a company to lead and take to the top of the Forbes list, I have thighs that need firming, I have a load of cds to transfer to my I-Tunes and so blogging ... not a priority.

However, I am sometimes dumbfounded, sometimes inspired by pop-social, pop-cultural surroundings and blogging is a perfect outlet to bring my views and create a cyber town hall. Best of all, should you choose to attend this town hall, is the immediate exchange and insight I can get from you.

Since this is a brand new year (three months along!), allow me to comment on a sampling of pop-cultural newsmakers of 2006.

Tacky: Mel Gibson
Tackier: Diane Sawyer for interviewing him
Tackiest: Entertainment Weekly Magazine for giving him a full front page

Bad: Using the N-Word repeatedly on stage in a L-A comedy club.
Worse: Using the “ I’m not a despicable racist. I have Black friends” defence. I don’t care how many meetings you have with Al Sharpton or how many miles you Crip walk, that defence will get you nowhere good.

Katie Holmes: Leave her alone. If I were going out with Tom Cruise, I would have been pregnant after the first date. And yes, same as with Katie, Tom would be the one wearing the pants in the relationship. Well, ... that's what I would make him think .

Desperate Housewives: Enough already. Unless one of those broads finds a cure for cancer or AIDS, we really don’t need to hear anything more about them.

The View: Impeach Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Now.

Darfur: Yep, still going on. Is it me or is it completely reprehensible that it took an Armani-clad George Clooney visiting the U.N Headquarters to bring this still ongoing conflict back in the headlines (albeit for just a day or two)? Malaise.

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