Friday, March 16, 2007

Can't Keep Up

Remember when all you had to do to be cool was own a pair of Chuck Taylor’s, wear jelly bracelets and know the dance routine to Thriller? How times have changed. Today, there’s a multitude of "things" to do to be cool or hip or at the very least, to be up to date. This Blogger can't keep up and I’m obliged to make a list to remember.

Let's see:

• My Pilates classes
• My Yoga-lites classes
• Upload My I-Pod and figure out Podcasts
• Watch American Idol
• Watch Grey's Anatomy
• Renew the red string on my wrist
• Change my desktop for a Mac Book or a Vaio
• Eat Angus something
• Throw away my “Jesus is my Homeboy” t-shirt
• Publicly hate fur while secretly saving my money for a Tuleh
• Love Fall Out Boy, Arcade Fire and Lupe Fiasco
• Have a Blog
• Go to rehab
• Make a "private-collection" tape and shop it around
• Get David & Posh a housewarming gift
• Thank the All Mighty next time I win a Grammy or an Oscar
• Sit-in for Regis
• Player-hate Beyoncé
• Continue mourning Barbaro
• Get an item from Gap's RED campaign
• Love Al Gore and forget that his wife Tipper once went to the U.S.
Senate to ban“Purple Rain”
• Wear a "Barack '08" button
• Get on a flight with Ralph Fiennes
• Get tickets for The Police & Genesis (same as my 1984 list)
• Suddenly realize there are many crises in Africa and that the Continent
needs smart economic initiatives
• Fear North Korea
• Carry a handbag as big as my body
• Confess that J-Dilla saved my life
• Stop making lists.

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