Thursday, March 29, 2007

Collective Bullying

Leave Sanjaya alone. Shocked by the fact the youngster is still in contention for the title of next American Idol, there has been an overwhelming flow of criticism from various media outlets and public tribunes. Why so much anger?
Where were that passion and that concern when Bush was re-elected in 2004? How about when the Olympics Games were awarded to China, a country that has very lit-
tle regards towards human rights? We turn a blind eye to more trivial issues everyday and now there is an uproar over this kid, who obviously is not the best singer in the world but represents the underdog, the risk-taker: epithets many of
us would be lucky to attribute to ourselves. It’s too easy to bully the little
guy so let’s not. Channel this stream of protest towards your Parliament, your school district, your Parish, City Hall, Fashion Magazine Editors, people who
decide on airplane menus or at the very least, Paula Abdul. Just leave Sanjaya alone.

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