Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Eff "The Secret"

Like so many other media-enhanced currents before, “The Secret” is being blown out of proportions. Of course, the co-authors subsequent appearances on both Oprah & Larry King did nothing to calm the madness. “The Secret”, a series of “get-it-now” mantras has swept TV audiences & local bookstores shoppers, thirsty for pardon for past & current indulgences.

“The Secret” isn’t all bad. Its laws of attraction are obvious and century old but it’s always good to be reminded. “For positivism, surround yourself with positive people” But the rest …c’mon! I don’t care how much you focus your thoughts toward a new shiny Ferrari. If you don’t have $200 000, you won’t get that Ferrari.

If anything, “The Secret” is a disservice to a Nation swimming in personal debt and overindulgence. Do we really need a sect-like program to greenlight acquiring more material belongings? Really? Another Gucci this? Another Motorola that? You know you don’t need it.

“The Secret” of success of the Oprahs and Bill Gates of this world is simple: wake up early in the morning, work your ass off, do what you have to do to get to where you want to be, don’t take any put-downs from anybody. The Secret for you, and for me, is remembering that and to be diligent and disciplined enough to apply it.

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