Friday, March 9, 2007

I too, can be an American Idol

If Sanjaya made it to the American Idol Top 12 then I can surely have a shot at music stardom. I can't sing (not even in the shower) but I believe if surrounded by the right producers, I too can be an Idol. Let's see … who would I want as producers on my album?

1. Rick Rubin (because I can fight for my right to party);

2. Niles Rogers (c'mon! Le Freak AND Modern Love? Classics.);

3. Simahlak (because he's a genius AND he's from Montreal);

4. Bob Rock (to throw people off);

5. Puffy (so he can be in my music video);

6. Timbaland (only if he promises not to sing on the record);

7. Me (because this album needs estrogens);

8. Chris Martin (to have only one degree of separation with Gwyneth)

9. Sting (because he wrote the greatest love song of all time, "Roxanne")

10. Prince (because he's Prince and because he wrote the second greatest love song of all time "Adore")

11. Quincy Jones (well, just because)

Bonus track: Stevie Wonder (the man wrote "As" which makes him a Prophet)

So there. 12 tracks. Coming soon to a store near you.

Take it away Sanjaya ...


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog through google. I enjoy your style of writing. I, too, think that Simahlak is a genius. I used to buy records from him @ Science and followed his career as a producer. He is by far the most humble person I have ever met. Big ups for mentioning a future legend.


Martine | Le Groupe Milagro said...

Bonjour Jason,

Thank you for the compliment. I was lucky enough to meet Simahlak and you are absolutely right: he is very humble. If I had his talent, I would scream it from roof tops. In time, I guarantee you that he will get his well-deserved time in the sun.