Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pretty is Killing the News

Anderson Cooper is too pretty for the news. Yes, he’s good but it’s difficult to hear news about nuclear threats from a man whose eyebrows are better shaped than mine. Should he be discarded as a news anchor because he was blessed with good genetics? No. Should he have gotten Aaron Brown’s CNN spot because of these genetics? Hell no. Don’t get me wrong: I love Anderson. It is however difficult to take him seriously when I know he will be sitting-in for Regis and exchanging platitudes with Kelly Ripa the morning after.

The problem seems to be that we’ve traded-in experience for high cheekbones and integrity for moussed hair. Anderson is great but Dan Rather he will never be. Trust me, there are hundreds of budding young Dan Rathers out there who probably don’t get their chance in the sun because of less than perfect faces. Because of the hotness that is Anderson, I feel like CNN’s content director always “throws-in” an entertainment news item or a cat-stuck-in-a-tree story in the program as to make sure we don’t forget that although Anderson is a journalist …he could also be your friend, the supermodel.

AndersonCooperphiles will be quick to remind me that their Leader has covered Bosnia, Katrina and other non-esthetic conflicts. I get it. The man is on CNN thus surely, he has credentials. My point is we shouldn’t stand for dumbed-down news programs or accept less of our news anchors because they happen to look delicious. If I want cushioned news, I’ll watch Billy Bush.

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a viewer said...

I don't begrudge Anderson Cooper straying into lighter moments on his show, especially when he frequently has excellent discussions and panels that include Michael Ware in Iraq, David Gergen, Nic Robertson and Peter Bergen. Iraq, Iran and U.S. politics are the standard fare on 360. Anderson's not your typical news anchor, he has the ability to branch out from behind the news desk and I don't believe it diminishes his credibility as a reporter.

I liked Aaron Brown, but I think Anderson's done a great job in his place.