Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rock The Vote

Today, the province of Québec is holding an election to name its new Prime Minister. For the first time in years, the election is a hot 3-way race with the leading parties heading in different political spectrums.

But this post is not to convince you on which box to check: it’s actually to remind you how privileged we are to have the right to vote. I remember anticipating turning 18 simply to access the right to vote (since I had already been sneaking into bars for years by then).

You have the right to not exercise your civil duty by not participating in the most democratic act known to Man. You have the right to not participate in universal suffrage. You have the right to not vote. But remember that should you choose to stay silent on Election Day then also stay silent for the next 4 years. You'll have no right to complain about our political leaders or their decisions. Remember also that you don’t matter because your silence will speak for you. But mostly, remember the following: in many areas of the world, where suffrage is said to be universal, voters are discouraged to attend voting polls with such tactics as bombings and dismemberment.

You are privileged and shouldn’t take it for granted.

Go vote, in Peace.

Would-be voters in Sierra Leone

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