Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Singles: on our marks, ready, go!

If you’re in a couple, I don’t know what spring means to you. But for Singles, this season is their training camp and summer, their Olympics. If you are recently single or have forgotten the ropes, here’s a crash course in Singles’ pre-spring rituals:

Secretly train (or simply learn how to camouflage the flaws that only Photo-Shop could take away);

Sniff around selected targets until the time is right to mark your territory;

Show some skin;

If you live in Canada: get a tan

After your tan, get over the fact your hockey team probably won’t make the playoffs and remember that exhibition games start in late September;

Reserve a quaint room in a charming out-of-town Boutique Hotel for Labor Day weekend, in anticipation;

Alert the HR Director at your office that you’ll be late every Friday until early September as Thursday nights represent, for singles, the Super Bowl and you are its Quarterback;

Your goal, your place on the podium is to snatch that special someone for the warm days ahead. You want something fresh, someone to dress up for, something to brag about, someone to make you blush. This Blogger gets it.

Have a prosperous spring & an even better summer.

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