Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Who's Your Daddy?

The Maury Povich Show is poison. Why is it still on? Why hasn't Connie Chung filed for divorce yet? The show is one of the most blatant examples of racism on television. For those of you who have been saved and have never seen the show, Maury is a third-rate talk show where most days are dedicated to paternity tests with live results. Most of the guests are Black, occasionally replaced with colourful rednecks. It attracts guests with this conundrum: "Are you unsure of who is the father of your child? - Call us and be a guest on the show”. Witty, isn’t it? One wonders why Howard K. Stern & Larry Birkhead haven’t been guests yet to battle out the whole Anna Nicole mess.

The Maury show takes advantage of the disenfranchised who’s only sense of validation or self-worth is a brief and disadvantageous television appearance. It's an exploitation of two serious North American plagues: unsafe sexual practices and unwanted pregnancies in impoverished areas. It feeds stereotypes and offers no solution to the guests. The time slot Maury sucks in would be of better service if replaced with educational programming offering alternatives, solutions and hope.

Last September, ABC aired a special entitled: "Out of Control: AIDS in Black America"


After watching such contemporary human tragedy, one sees that Maury has crossed the lines of entertainment and has instead fallen into the role of grotesque accomplice to the destruction of the poor & the uneducated. The Maury Show is the television equivalent of the corner liquor store and is a prelude to a quiet genocide.


Anonymous said...

So true. But the show wouldn't still be on if people weren't watching it.

Mike in Denver said...

Alot of people like this type of programming because it gives them a false sense their own lives aren't so bad, after all.