Thursday, April 5, 2007

The 25 Million Dollar Man

Cash registers are closed. The numbers are in. In this year’s first quarter, Senator Barack Obama has raised 25 million dollars for his Presidential campaign, breathing down Senator Rodham-Clinton’s neck. The fact Barack Obama raised only one million less that Rodham-Clinton means one thing: there is no clear front runner in Camp Democratic Party. I'm Canadian thus my thoughts on U.S. Presidential candidates have, we agree, a "Monday-Morning-Quarterback" feel. Still, I’m putting it out there: my imaginary vote goes to Barack Obama.

Barack Obama is not only a breath of fresh air and all the similar clichés one can think of, he also represents an existing class of Blacks the media has always been reticent to showcase: highly Educated, successful, scandal-free, dedicated, socially conscious with no pending paternity suits. Oh, and Barack is a friend of mine (well, according to MySpace).

Sure, he's still a bit green. That makes him an underdog, not dismissible. As much of what goes on the pop cultural radar, Barack Obama's candidacy has unfortunately become somewhat of a trendy penchant. He now has the famous friends, the famous supporters, the famous party invites and the famous paparazzi shot (thanks People magazine). All these distractions are ammunitions for his adversaries so let's pray he doesn't show up on TRL just yet. Barack has somewhat become America's new BFF, which is fine but let's make sure he still gets a chance to shake Washington up by beating these 'old cooks at their own game. We know Barack Obama has style. Now, give him a chance to prove he has substance.

Hopefully, Senator Barack Obama will cross from being the Man who Could to being The Man who Will.

He had me at “Hello”

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