Monday, April 30, 2007

Beating A Dead Horse

From the very beginning of the eruption of the Alec Baldwin phone message fiasco, there was uneasiness because it is an extremely private matter that peanut galleries all over the world should have no say in. However, by being a guest on last Friday’s “The View”, Alec Baldwin dragged us back in his business.

At first I was very much disappointed in Barbara Walters, a woman I’ve loved for almost two decades, for giving such podium to Alex Baldwin but then I remembered that she had in the past interviewed such “Mr. Personalities” as Baby Doc Duvalier, the Shah of Iran and Mike Tyson. Surely, Alec Baldwin can’t be as bad as them. Except it really wasn’t an interview. It was an infomercial where Baldwin spent more time plugging his upcoming book than apologizing for his savage outburst.

I believe his appearance on “The View” is an invitation into his family affairs. A welcoming mat for the tabloids? Not to worry, they’ll step all over it.

The Fiasco:

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