Monday, April 2, 2007

Come on Down

The man with the pencil thin microphone is leaving the building. After decades on the small screen, Bob Barker is retiring from his hosting domination on The Price is Right. At 82 years young, I understand why Bob would decide to leave the hysteric, t-shirt slogan wearing, Ogilvy home-permed, Lee press-on nailed, college student & old lady alike audience.

I understand his move but I’m still chagrined over it. I haven’t watched The Price is Right recently simply because if I’m home at that time in the morning, I’d rather watch Rosie tear Elizabeth Hasselbeck to shred on The View. My chagrin thus stems from the fact Bob Barker’s departure marks the end of an era.

Priceless Moments

When I’ll have children, I’ll speak to them fondly about an almost extinct TV breed which included Don Knotts, Chuck Woolery, Richard Dawson and of course, Bob Barker. I’ll tell them the sole survivors of that breed are Regis, Alec Trebek and maybe Pat Sajak.

For now, I wish Bob a retirement filled with new challenges, spaded and neutered pets and I’ll remember to stay away should I see him on a golf course.
Be happy, Ol’ Gilmore.

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Anonymous said...

He was becoming a bit creepy-looking. But the mic is a classic and Bob a Monument.