Thursday, April 12, 2007

Crocodile Tears

So much hoopla about the exonerated Duke Lacrosse players. A quick briefing: three Duke University Lacrosse players were wrongly (actually, very wrongly) accused of raping a stripper. They were painted guilty way before they had a chance to be proven innocent. With a case that had TV-Movie all over it, racial cards being dealt left and right, hungry media and a non-favorable public opinion, the accused never had a chance. Until now. Thanks to an unreliable “victim” and an overzealous District Attorney, the case was dropped like a bad habit. Justice was served.

I feel bad for the three wrongly accused students but I will not shed a tear for them. They’re well-to do, Ivy-League educated and will get over this. This time, the tables have turned and mainstream media is paying attention. The thousands of Rubin “Hurricane” Carters of this justice system are applauding. As am I.

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