Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Genius of Love

The Bachelor: Andy Baldwin

First, a disclaimer: I watched “The Bachelor” last night with the sole purpose to have blog material for this Post. Well, I also watched it because I think it’s hilarious to see twenty-somethings already desperate to find a man.

“The Bachelor”, a well-oiled TV show, pits a young handsome eligible bachelor against a slew of single women vying for his love, all in the intimacy of national television. The women live in one big mansion and each week, go through a heart-wrenching (by heart-wrenching I really mean slap-stick gut-splitting comedy) elimination process. One by one, “The Bachelor” casts off unworthy desesperadas until he finds the One.

This year’s pimp is Andy Baldwin. Andy is a navy lieutenant and doctor, admittedly handsome with a hint of a sense of humour. I’d like to do my own TV show: it would be a platform where Andy’s ex-girlfriends would come forward and spill the beans on this “too clean-cut” guy, but I digress. It’s obvious “The Bachelor” is a travesty on many levels. The contestants oscillate between the main character on “Single White Female”, Glen Close in “Fatal Attraction”, that mean girl from high school and your horny cousin from the south whose privates are always on fire.

In a way, I too, was on “The Bachelor“ once except it was called “that bar downtown two Thursdays ago”. Because of the inequality in the man to woman ratio, in Montreal at least, walking into any social setting is like being on “The Bachelor”. Women, whether they want to or not, participate in an incessant contest for some type of attention. Whether they willingly participate or not, they are constantly being sized up by surrounding men, bachelors or not. The good thing for us though ladies is we don’t have to worry about camera angles or HD’s unforgivable and unflattering precisiveness. See? Being single isn’t that bad after all.

Future Desperate Housewives

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Anonymous said...

These girls are tarts. Your post was almost as funny as the Bob Barker clip. I haven't seen the movie and this was a pleasant shock to me.