Thursday, April 5, 2007

Good Friday

On the eve of Easter, I will do this year what I have done for decades:

Watch the movie “Jesus of Nazareth” on television and ask myself what part of Sweden Jesus, (with his blue eyes, pale complexion and very light-coloured hair) is from;

Figure out the six degrees of separation between Jesus and the chocolate-covered Easter Bunny;

With these mind bending interrogations, I wish you all a good and safe Easter/Passover weekend.


Anonymous said...

Martine: Jesus is from Denmark.
Happy Easter!

Tony said...

Religion for a long time was a taboo subject for me..only because i felt it always ended in confrontation and separated people instead of bringing them together...I was raised greek orthodox and do believe in god or a greater power if you will...throughout my journey i have met interesting people from different religious backgrounds and did some research on my own.I sometimes feel torn away from religion even my own because i feel that none of us really have a clue..Everything we have been taught can be debated....the books that we read have been written by someone...there is no proof from anyone really...what i am really anti is all this extremism and fanatical religion that we are exposed to everyday....i have been reading alot about buddhism lately and it's the only thing that really makes any sense to me...None of us have the answers life is death and death is life...and its all about acceptance and not attaching yourself to anything or anyone which in return brings pain...the rest is debateable. Tony Andrianopoulos...