Sunday, April 15, 2007

He Messed Up All On His Own.

Wooohooo! Rejoice people: Paul Wolfowitz’ days at the World Bank are numbered. I was flabbergasted to learn of his appointment to the post of World Bank President. How can this bully, this opportunist, this Bush BFF be leader of the Organization that has the power to make a difference in such trivial issue as Third World debt? This can’t be! I thought. But alas, it was. Until now. Seems like the Wolfman dipped into the World Bank’s cookie jar and accommodated his girlfriend with a favorable transfer and a $60 000 raise.

Truth be told, Mr. Wolfowitz has been making people inside the World Bank cringe since his arrival in 2005. His role as one of the architects of the Iraq war & the invasion of Afghanistan were hurdles since the beginning of his Presidential mandate but it’s also his unilateral decision making, inside the Institution, that have paved the way for his exit.

Here’s why I’m jubilating: it was too easy to contest his nomination based solely on his citizenship and involvement, amongst other schemes, the Iraq War. Now, Wolfowitz has messed up all on his own and there shouldn’t be any hesitation in kicking him out.
Next, please.

Here are $60 000 gift ideas Paul Wolfowitz should have explored. Romantic enough for any girlfriend and ethical too.

1. Pay her Visa bill and credit her account so she doesn’t have to worry about it for a long time;
2. Shares in one of the companies he’s involved with in Saudi Arabia;
3. Diamonds, Paul. Diamonds.
4. A complete Hermès luggage set
5. A week at the Emirates Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa
6. Lipo, Tummy-tuck, facelift and Botox for three years.

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