Thursday, April 19, 2007

Killers and Superstars

When NBC received video and pictures from the Virginia Tech killer yesterday, there must have been at least on second when they hesitated to show or divulged its content. Unfortunately, the hesitation did very little and they made the wrong choice. Showing pictures of an already admitted killer and publishing excerpts of his very disturbing video helps absolutely no one. Neither is it news. News directors and media outlets have not only very little regards for the grieving but they have equated no news to bad taste.

We live in a time where every Saint and every Sinner wants at least 15 minutes of fame. In granting this 15 minutes to a killer, is the media pursuing their journalistic mandate or simply grotesquely creating a fan base for other misfits who see themselves in all this Disturbia? The media and we, the followers, need to make a conscious choice to stop giving podium to such imagery and content. If we don’t, such images as executions and suicides will be coming to a channel near us.

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