Monday, April 9, 2007

Older Men Do it Much Better

I had a wonderful surprise while flipping through the pages of the latest British GQ. There it was: a multi-page photo editorial of Bryan Ferry, chanteur extraordinaire and former lead singer for Roxy Music, one of modern music’s best and most important bands.

Bryan Ferry first made my knees weak about twenty years ago when I first discovered him through the album Boys & Girls. I was only in my early teens then but I saw in Bryan Ferry an indescribable perfection.

He embodies la bella figura and the perfect lover.

The thing with older men is their often effortless sexiness carved with experience. They know what they want and most of the time, how to get it. And the best thing: there’s no ambiguity on how they want it. While the luckiest of women age gracefully, the luckiest of men age with a certain inner “enfant terrible”. Discreet but still there.
I’ve always had a thing for older men and I’ve managed to make a “best of” list Some of my faves:

Dominique de Villepin : Prime Minister, France

Bernard Derome: News Anchor, Canada

Dominique Strauss-Khan: Lawyer, Politician, Economist, Professor, Supportive Husband.

Julien Clerc: Singer, Songwriter. France

Sting: Music Legend & Tantric Yoga Master.

And some of the worst:

Donald Trump: The plastic wife and the ridiculous comb-over definitely do not help.

Roberto Cavalli: Put down the scalpel and just say no to tanning beds.

Keith Richards: Just say no

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