Monday, April 23, 2007

Raunchy is so Passé

I curse censorship. I do, however, prone good taste and sensibility. The trend that started I guess in the early 90’s of sexual innuendos in every media (print, radio and TV) has unfortunately grown and can now even be found in cereal commercials.

Blink anywhere and you will be flooded with images of pecs and cleavages. Some midday soap operas have turned into soft porn. Some music videos should come with PG ratings. Children’s clothing stores offer fashions rivaling ensembles clearly inappropriate (unless you are over 18 and your name is Hot Chocolate). Where does it end?

There’s not a day that goes by without the “Today Show” superficially analyzing some sex issue, dysfunction or trend. The “Today Show”? C’mon! That’s a morning show. Families probably have it on while they’re eating breakfast.

We serve up sex on various platters in all kind of media outlets. What about Love? Granola thought perhaps, but recent events only prove that we need more of it. Let’s scale down on the raunchiness, the violence and on the hate talk in the media. Demanding Imus’ firing was a good start but there’s much more to be done.

What are they selling?

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