Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Always a Bridesmaid

Ahhh! The month of May. For Canadians it means the time to stop procrastinating and finally bring in our car to service to have your summer tires installed. If you’re lucky it also means your hockey team is in the playoffs. For students all over the globe it means graduation or time to break it to your parents that you actually dropped out of college months ago. But mostly, the month of May means weddings.
In theory, weddings are magical moments. For having been a bridesmaid twice, I can attest to that as both experiences were blissful and will forever be carved in my memory. But as wedding season rolls around yet again this year, I’m forced to examine the far from brilliant state of the business of love;

· Wedding announcement pictures in the newspaper: always unnatural looking;

· Spending 12 months planning one day: bad time management

· $15 000 wedding gowns: ridiculous (unless you make 20 million per film);

· Finding love online: what happened to picking up strangers in bars?

· “The Bachelor” and “Who wants to Marry a Millionaire?”: weeding out the creeps, one TV show at a time.

· Marrying because your biological clock is ticking: See you soon on Dr. Phil

· Stop looking for your “soulmate”. The only “soul mates” are Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Prince and Marvin Gaye.

· Finding true, unadulterated love and going with the flow: priceless.

Enjoy wedding season and remember that Valentine’s Day is just 9 months away.

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