Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Can we talk? We must set ground rules when it comes to electronic devices. We have become slaves to various pda’s and have lost any notion of social acceptability.

So here it is … a suggested etiquette “how to”

NO mobile phone or Blackberry in a restaurant unless:

You are a parent in which case your kids, their nanny or teacher must be able to reach you at all time. This being said, your device must be on vibrator and you can only answer if the phone call is child related. Also, please excuse yourself from the table when answering your call;

You are a reporter and always on the beat for your next big story. Hey, you gotta make a living. I get it. Still, excuse yourself from the table when answering the call;

One of your dinner guests is late or lost. They need to be able to reach you to apologize or ask for directions. Again, excuse yourself from the table when answering the call;

NO mobile phone while in queue at the bank (especially if you are behind me)
Bank operating is designed so you spend very little time in there so surely, the world can function 10 minutes without you being on a mobile phone.

NO mobile phone or texting while on a date. Unless, of course, your date is going horribly wrong and you need to make ulterior plans.

NO, I mean NEVER answer your mobile phone when in very intimate setting with loved one or current squeeze. That is the equivalent of a cold shower and we all know what cold showers do.

Let’s apply these rules as of now and leave the tech savagery to others.

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