Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm Calling It

And then, they were three: Blake, Melinda and Jordin. American Idol has weeded out the challengers and now three potential winners are left standing. Three different types of performers, three demographics but only two I actually won’t mind hearing on the radio.

Blake: Enough with the beat-boxing. There is no longevity in it. Will Blake still be beat-boxing at 50 when he’ll be performing in Vegas? His voice isn’t terrible but I feel like there are about 20 Blakes on (or around) the charts right now;

Melinda: She’s musically flawless but at 29 years old, she probably knows exactly what type of artist she wants to be and should she win the crown, I foresee nasty cat fights with the Idol handlers who’ll try to book her on the Disney Channel or worse, the Rachael Ray show;

And so I call it: Jordin will be the next American Idol. First, she’s 17 years old and that’s how Maestro Clive Davis likes them. Second, she possesses an impeccable voice and has the potential to cross over all musical genres. She’s gorgeous which will come-in handy when Coca-Cola put their claws in her for a spokesperson gig.
I only hope she won’t be given a sappy signature song like last year’s Taylor Hicks pitiful “Do I make you proud?”

One of her best performances:

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