Friday, May 11, 2007

The Little Billboard that Could.

Much ado about nothing. The malaise is over a blunt billboard on a roadside in Chicago. Its message: “Life is short. Get a divorce” has wrinkled many and the controversy it has stirred in just a few days has surely proven profitable for the law firm behind it.

I find extremely amusing such fuss is being made over this billboard. Life is short. And, if you’re not happy in your current marriage, you should get a divorce. At least, be thankful you have the option. Many countries don’t allow divorce or if you’re a woman in Japan, offer zero resources when you do get a divorce living you happier perhaps, but high & dry.

Possibly the billboard’s message felt like an ambush to many. Like an intrusion into their less-than-perfect private lives. Sometimes, people don’t want to be reminded of the pink elephant in the room. But, when the writing’s on the wall (or on the side of a road, above a parking lot) it’s more often very wise to take time to read it.

The billboard was taken down on Tuesday.

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