Tuesday, May 29, 2007

One Step Forward, So Many Steps Back

Last night was ABC’s latest attempt to grab viewers: The Ex-Wives Club aka a ”who’s who” of bitter women once married or romantically linked to borderline has-beens.

The show puts at its helm Angie Everhart (formerly known as the red head standing next to Sly Stallone), Marla Maples (the former and second Mrs. Donald Trump) and gasp! Shar Jackson (Kevin Federline’s ex-girlfriend and mother to two of his children). Why someone would want to remind everyone who watches TV that she used to go out with KFed, is far beyond my comprehension.

The Ex-Wives Club” has our three co-hosts lead a pack of broken-hearted and bitter dumpees who find empowerment in revenge against their exes. How does a show like that get produced? A show about revenge? This from a country where it is not uncommon for scorned wives to use SUVs to run over their husbands? A country where one too many times, husbands have dismembered their wives and dumped them in rivers? Where former husbands kill their ex-wives, get superstar lawyers and get away with murder? Nice touch, ABC. What’s next? A show where we teach kids how to be bullies or where we instruct boys how to rape girls?

Shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Traveler had almost made me forgive ABC for The Mole and The Bachelor. But a show like “Ex-Wives Club” definitely gives me better understanding of Rosie’s early exit.

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