Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Save Foie Gras

I recently joined the group "Save Foie Gras" on Facebook.com in retaliation to the protest I recently was exposed to in New York. Many restaurants in the Big Apple have joined the Chorus of their French, British, Chicagoans (to name a few) counterparts in banning foie gras from their menu. Why, oh why would they shun such pleasurable treat? Well, it’s because of the unethical treatment of ducks & geese for the production of foie gras which is the animals' liver. If you must know, ducks and geese are purposely overfed to enlarge their liver and are then killed only to have their livers removed. I admit it isn't the most romantic image one could paint but I can't imagine that making Buffalo Wings is enticing either. And what about the cow that produced the delicious Angus steak you recently had? I'm fairly certain it wasn't wined & dined before it was slaughtered for your epicurean enjoyment.

My problem with this whole foie gras discord is not really the fact that it is banned in certain restaurants. The restaurateurs have the right to serve whatever they please. The problem is this organized movement for the defence of ducks and geese; websites, manifestations, public relations campaigns, propaganda. Is Planet Earth doing so well that now energy can be focused on the treatment of ducks? C'mon! These people have read one too many Dr. Seuss book. Leave foie gras alone. If you don’t want to support this industry then just don't order it next time you see it on a menu and more power to you.

I think adepts of the "Ban Foie Gras" Movement would be of better service to the World if they instead directed their energy in saving the following:

Native Americans
Inuit Culture
Blacks in the Gulf Coast
Children in Foster Care
The Elderly
Women and Children in Darfur
Women in Afghanistan
Haitians working in Dominican sugarcane fields.
Refugees in Sierra Leone
AIDS Orphans
Katie Holmes

The Good:

The Bad & Ugly:

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InTheNameOfHumanity said...

My problem with the ban Foie Gras Zelots is that they are mis-informed.

1- Duck and goose livers ARE designed to store fat.
2- The feeding is done by hand and the birds must be in perfect health for the liver to be useful.
3- When feeding, the birds approach the feeders. If they were being harmed, you'd think they'd run...
3- When slaughtered, the entire bird is put to good use, even the feathers.

The politicians are throwing the zelots a bone that only a small percentage of the world actually appreciates. After PETA bans chickens and eggs, I might consider
changing my position!