Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Share The Blame

Call it the post-Imus effect: airwaves policemen are out and want to make-up for lost times. Suddenly, they have realized the pitiful state of language in music and Hip Hop is their enemy number one.

For years now, Hip Hop has been downgraded by foul language despite an increase in the genre’s popularity. Some Hip Hop artists have turned me off this music I once couldn’t live without because of years of salacious lyrics. Oddly enough, these are the artists getting the most airplay and the most generous recording contracts. So yes, these artists are to blame but if they found no outlets for these degrading songs, trust me, they wouldn’t produce them anymore. The witch hunt the new censor Gods are conducting is aimed at the wrong people. Greedy program directors and record label V-Ps are the ones that should hang.

PBS looks at the real problem:

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