Thursday, May 17, 2007

She'll Be Just Fine

I’m late putting up this post today. I was waiting to take the pulse of American Idol-obsessed TV Viewers and critics before shouting from my own peanut gallery thus pardon my tardiness.

Melinda Doolittle, arguably the best Idol has ever seen, was eliminated last night leaving Blake and Jordin as the Final 2. This morning’s post mortem is inundated with conspiracy theories: some going as far as suggesting Idol producers planned to have Melinda kicked off for a more dramatic (read: higher ratings) finale.

We could argue all day on the why’s and how’s of last night’s results. I think it is wiser to use them as a reminder that best man (or most talented woman) does not always win. But time and Melinda’s imminent success will also remind us that when one door closes a much better one often opens, especially when you know Clive Davis.

Coming soon to a Grammy show near you:

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