Monday, June 11, 2007

Engines and Good Genetics

Montreal is freshly out of one its best events: the F1 Grand Prix. A weekend of parties galore and of celebrity sightings. A time to hit the streets, the restos and terraces and for just a weekend, share the glamour of what only a handful of other cities in the World can brag about: having an F1 race.

Culminating this always grandiose weekend was the historic win by my imaginary boyfriend, Lewis Hamilton. Historic because of Lewis’s youth, his ethnicity and his rookie status. For this F1 fan however, all these epithets come far behind the fact Lewis Hamilton is a rarer breed than one might think. In a time where we’ve created one too many athletes with God-complexes, Lewis Hamilton represents the talented and media darling athlete who, despite all these accolades, isn’t an asshole like so many of his contemporaries in various sports. How refreshing to have a young gifted athlete who doesn’t act like he is due everything under the sun (yes Terell Owens, I am talking to you)

I wish success, longevity and lucrative endorsements to Lewis Hamilton as I predict the following for this New Golden Boy:

Cameo in a Jay-Z video;
Party in Cannes with Puffy;
Shout outs in at least 3 Hip Hop songs;
Repeated appearances on the covers of GQ, Details, Paris Match and oh, no …OK! Magazine;
Cameo in the next James Bond (with my ex-imaginary BF: Daniel Craig)

1 comment:

marjorita said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the memo...but Lewis is MY imaginary boyfriend !!!
Can't wait yo see if your predictions come true... ;)