Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mr.Mayor Might Go to Washington

All day today, pundits and tank thinkers were trying to interpret Michael Bloomberg’s latest move. Having just left the Republican Party to become an Independent, the move is seen as a prelude to Bloomberg announcing his run at the U.S. Presidency.

Bloomberg, the current Mayor of New York has proven to be a smart politician, whose best coups include banning smoking in the Big Apple’s nightclubs and restaurants, banning fatty food from New Yorkers plates and important investments in education and in the environment. This billionaire single media mogul would certainly bring authenticity to the presidential race where the existent candidates already look like ambivalent puppets.

And if a mayor or former mayor of New York is to become President of the United States, let it please be Michael Bloomberg and not Rudy Guliani. Dubbed America’s Mayor in the wake of 9-11, New Yorkers and those who follow New York politics know that pass the flashbulbs and accolades, Guliani is nothing short of a vicious politician whose hardcore stands on crime, for example, were discriminatory to minorities, to say the least.

Bloomberg shows smarts, substance and particular style (divorced, cheeky & charming). George Bush’s exit announces a New World order and Michael Bloomberg might just be its best Ambassador.


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