Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Obvious vs. Subtle

In what was one of the longest hours in recent TV history, NBC christened “Age of Love”, the network’s answer to ABC’s “The Bachelor”. NBC’s version has, I must admit, a few more bells and whistles. For one, the prey is not some unknown genetically blessed thirty-year old. It is (drum roll, please) Mark Philippoussis a handsome Australian who with a little more discipline, could have been the number One tennis player in the world, if only for a moment (if Rodger Federer would to be ill or something). Instead, Philippoussis has struggled in the ATP rankings despite brief inklings of tennis glory.

Age of Love” ’s premise is to pit twenty year-olds (the kittens) against forty year- olds (the cougars) for Philippoussis’ undying love. I’ve already blogged about “The Bachelor” (see “Genius of Love” post) thus my views on the laughable concept are clear. “Age of Love” does however introduce an interesting conundrum and somewhere in there, there is an anthropology doctorate thesis.

Truth be told, the cougars are not your average forty-plus women. Physically speaking, they are exceptionally well kept and could give this thirty-something a lesson on preservation. These women are also all respectively well-accomplished individuals with careers (and real-estate) of their own. But they are single and on TV to find a man thus the level of desperation is frankly embarrassing.

Besides being annoying, the twenty-year old kittens are unfairly stereotyped. I don’t believe that all twenty year-olds are such tarts. Then again, twenty year-olds with more lead in their heads would have the presence of mind to not participate in this televised shenanigan.

I cannot yet bet on whether Philippoussis will go for the purr or the roaring. But this premiere episode did reiterate a couple of things for me:

I’m thankful to be out of my twenties;
I hope to not be single in my forties;
Good skin, fantastic figures, great careers, experience are very nice but really pale in comparison to having a great mate.

The ball is in Philippoussis’ court.

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