Monday, June 4, 2007

Private Death

After 8 years, Dr. Jack Kevorkian was released from jail where he was cowardly sent for medically assisting in the death of an ALS stricken man who had seek Dr. Kevorkian’s intervention. Jack Kevorkian’s imprisonment was unjust. The man dubbed Dr. Death did nothing but pull the plug on misery, pain and suffering of this man who could no longer live in the body that had betrayed him, the muscles that no longer responded, the speech that had become incomprehensible and the saliva that at any minute, could choke him to death. He had had enough. Pain is yours and how you choose to manage it should be as well. Who are we, to decide how much pain one person can stand? Your life is yours and your death should be yours as well, if you’re lucky. A debate on euthanasia needs to be reopened. Sending a doctor to jail because, at the request of a patient in excruciating pain, he administered lethal doses of what would provide a painless and dignified death is the wrong way to go. The authorities should, I would think, concentrate on arresting real murderers like the O.J.s and Osamas of this world and should probably spend more time solving real crimes like the Kennedy murder or arrest Tupac and Biggie's killers. The Justice system should have no say in the way the terminally ill choose to end their suffering.

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