Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Young Enough To Screw and To Be Screwed

In 2005, when he was 17 years-old, Genarlow Wilson attended a New Year’s Party where he befriended a 15 year-old girl and after one thing leading to another, received oral sex from her. In theory, this scene is nothing less than reenactment of what has been going on forever in high school parties all over the globe. In practice, it was an offence to the law and Genarlow Wilson, high school honors student was found guilty of breaking the law and ultimately, was sentenced to 10 years in prison without parole. Yesterday, the decision was reversed although a higher court has decided to appeal the release.

It was a trial by jury and I’m quite certain that somehow, race needs to be factored in. I will however leave my inner Al Sharpton dormant and focus on the other flagrant travesty of this case.

Convicting this high school senior for receiving head from a consenting 15 year-old girl is ignoring the society we have allowed to be created. Where there is nothing sacred about Intercourse and where promiscuity is humdrum. A society where teenage girls often dress like skanks, wear thongs to school and get breast implants as graduation presents. And please, don’t blame Britney: she’s not raising your daughter. The best models for kids are at home. Shape up, parents.

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