Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Do-do-do. The Da-da-da.

A few days ago, I experienced a return into time. I attended one of two The Police concerts in Montréal. Singing along every song and dancing like I was in front of my mirror, this concert brought me back and made me realize a few things.

First, what is old is new again and is often, quite excellent. I find the Rolling Stones and Blender magazines of this world are always very quick to crown the new “it” Rock band. But truth be told, The Police are royalty and I dare any of today’s rock bands to dethrone them.

My second ‘A-Ha’ moment came to me once I realized that I’ve loved The Police for two-thirds of my life, making this the longest and most significant relationship I’ve ever had. Polygamist perhaps, but meaningful. With such songs as “Bed’s too big without you” and “ I Burn for you”, The Police have captured the passion and subtle irreverence one looks for in a mate.

Past Sting’s unbelievably yoga-toned body and Superstar status, Stewart Copeland’s enfant terrible ways and Andy Summers talented fingers, The Police were and still are about music, music and music. Something missing on today’s charts.

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