Tuesday, July 10, 2007

For the Venus in You

An avid tennis watcher for over two decades, the Wimbledon tournament always represents for me a sort of Christmas and New Year’s Eve rolled up in a traditions-draped exceptional calibre two-week tennis event.

Although the occasional glimpses of gorgeous and well-preserved Bjorn Borg sitting in the bleachers would have sufficed, Venus Williams` 4th Wimbledon victory, despite an insulting 23rd seeding was definitely the highlight.

Yes, the million-dollar plus bursary accompanying the trophy and title is nice but every win for Venus is like giving the finger to the Establishment. The Tennis Establishment now kissing her ass, were, not too long ago criticizing her for every thing she did different. Her hair, her attire, her powerful serve (deemed not gracious enough), her confidence, her sponsorships, her other interests. In reality, what Venus has done is revamp a game that was too blend, too elitist and too much of the same. She has changed a game that she refuses to be typecast by. She has forced female players to shape up and to stop playing like girls. She has forced us to look outside the boring box. So, if you’ve ever done things a little differently but better, there’s a Venus in you. If you’ve ever been put in a cubicle only to later kick down open the door to the corner office, there’s a little Venus in you. If you were rocking Adidas when the others were delicately wearing penny loafers, there’s a Venus in you. If you went to Law school when your counsellor suggested macramé, there’s a Venus in you. If you left when you were on top and came back, better than when you left, there’s a Venus in you.

I’ll leave my Serena posting for when she’ll win the U.S. Open this Labour Day weekend. And Vincent Young? No worries. In two years, his name will be on everyone’s lips.

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