Monday, July 30, 2007

I hope Barack Obama doesn't win

I love Barack Obama. Way before mainstream media got on the Barack bandwagon; I had been impressed by his frank views, notably in an interview with Tavis Smiley. That was before the famous speech at the Democratic convention in 2004 and before he reached Rock Star status.

Besides evident intellectual prowess, Barack Obama has grasp the fact that as a World Leader, The United States have failed. He knows wrongs need to be corrected and that, is refreshing. I could go on and on with accolades so you wonder … why don’t I want him to be the next Commander-in-Chief?

It’s simple albeit sad. The same media that have labelled him as a Boy-Wonder would salivate while bringing him down, should he move to 1600, Pennsylvania Avenue. Pundits would kill his spirit and would crush his ideas and rip his soul. The Paparazzi would ruin his marriage. And the worst, which scares me the most, some fanatical bastard would find a way to silence him just like other bastards have silenced JFK and his brother Robert, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Bob Marley and other unsung heroes.

Thankfully, since his political coming-out, Barack Obama has gained clout and has beefed up his Rolodex. I believe he now has enough influence to make a difference even if not from the White House. At least he allowed us to dream, even if for just a minute.

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