Wednesday, July 11, 2007

In Michael We Should Trust

Michael Moore is fat and not-fashionable. Perhaps in this look-obsessed society, this is why we tend to see him as a marginal standing on a soap box. But, whether we like it or not, he delivers the bitter bill we fight to not swallow. On CNN last night, the filmmaker blasted my beloved Wolf Blitzer and the entire network for their bias, sugar coated reporting. “Sicko”, Moore’s latest social commentary, is a scathing, gloom look at the U.S.’s decayed health system. A system that like so many others in the U.S., works for the rich and leave the poor behind, licking their wounds. Michael Moore might not be the prophet one expects nor is he the irreproachable prophet he thinks he is, but he does bring pressing issues to the fore front, forcing much needed public debates that have recently been reduced to the debacles of Hollywood talentless starlets. The clip below is awkward and uncomfortable and that’s what we need.

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