Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tour de Fake

Here we go again. After the start of what its organizers swore would be a clean edition, the Tour de France was splattered by doping allegations. This year’s culprit? Kazakh Alexandre Vinokourov. Singled-out since the Tour’s early stages as a plausible future yellow-jersey wearer, Vinokourov was kicked off the Tournament, leaving this prestigious event with a black eye. Where has sportsmanship gone? I’m not certain. But, what I do know for a fact is that this corner-cutting attitude is a reflection of us and the society we have, inadvertently or not, created. The Enrons and Tycos of this world have inundated us with falsified balance sheets and it had seemed okay, until we caught them. Conrad Blacks run not only free in the streets but they also run corporations, schools and government agencies. But it’s too easy to only blame the rich white collars and athletic gifted. What about us? With our breast implants, our Botox and our Photoshop. We have turned fake into glorified deceptiveness. One wonders why such trickery? It’s because we expect super-performance not only from our Internet routers but also from our favourite athletes, our CEOs, our Hollywood starlets and from ourselves. We’ve created an impossibly rigid check list to live by. A life where there is only one step on the podium and where the Fortune 500 list is really the Fortune 1 list. Wrinkles? Cellulite? Not in this fraternity. We frown on everything but perfection, regardless of how we achieve it. It’s time to rewrite a new play book with new rules. Number One is great but at what price?

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