Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It Only Looked Good On Liberace

Now here’s a trend I can understand.

Advertisers, car makers, clothes designers, many have understood that ostentatious is passé. The dangers of too much flamboyancy have only deepened the wedge between the poor and the rich. The tasteful and the tasteless. We have survived a period where everything was monogrammed, studded or stamped with tartan. That period is not over, such despicable shows such as MTV’s Cribs are still on, but we’re slowly coming out of it. I applaud financial sovereignty and like most, thrive for prosperity but there is such a thing as discretion and reservation. Yes, you can have a big house but when it is coined by such a term as Mc Mansion, then you must know there is something sociologically wrong with it. When a famous jeweller becomes a pop cultural reference, there is something perturbing. It is perturbing because these trends come from a place where Katrina can and has happened. I understand capitalism is not an equal system but do the haves need to rub it in the have-nots’ faces? Hopefully, not anymore.

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