Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I’m sick to my stomach.

Although I’ve already posted my view on the Michael Vick affair, the matter has only gotten worse since that post (see July 18th Post). Yes, Michael Vick was barbaric and despicable but the plausible sentence of over a year in jail and a possible lifetime ban from the NFL is beyond harsh. Allow me to reiterate that a slew of NFLers have been arrested (many of them repeatedly) for spousal abuse and were suiting up for the big game, the following Sunday. No outrage then.

So I leave you with two questions:

It is more acceptable to physically abuse a women then it is to abuse a dog?
Would the reaction been the same had Michael Vick been Brett Favre?


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Martine | Le Groupe Milagro said...

My first question begs to be answered. I’ve seen NFL players get the simple slap on the wrist for beating up their wives. That slap came from the authorities, the League, the media and the general public. Waren Moon, longtime quarterback for the then Houston Oilers, had a well- publicized history of domestic abuse. A few years ago, he was inducted in the NFL Hall of Fame. How is that right? I would like to see the media and the peanut galleries defend women’s rights with the same fury they defend animal rights.

My second question is rhetorical. I really do not have an answer and I hold no crystal ball that could give me a clue either. But the Unites States being what they are (where races are separate and unequal), the question needs to be asked.