Thursday, September 6, 2007

Arrivederci, Grande Padrone.

The Original velvet teddy bear has died. Luciano Pavarotti has always been great. Long before his ascension into popular charts with various duets alongside contemporary pop cultural iconic figures, Pavarotti had dominated a world where so few are chosen. Big and bigger than life, he was the Original. His tumultuous love life had only confirmed what I had hoped: Pavarotti was passionate with an insatiable appetite. It’s primordial to never stop praising Luciano Pavarotti. Not only out of respect and because one needs to remember greatness but also because it's as equally primordial for the younger generation to know that Luciano Pavarotti was il Grande Padrone while prefabricated pretendants like Il Divo, are little more than bubble gum.

Live in Paris

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