Monday, September 10, 2007

The House Britney Built

The buzz was definitely over-rated and borderline annoying. The MTV Music Awards were to open with a breathtaking Britney Spears performance. Well, breathtaking it wasn’t. Britney simply looked uncomfortable and rusty. Mind you, I’m a big Britney fan. I think all she needs is discipline and a good kick in the ass and she’ll be back on top. I understand MTV for giving her marquee status at the Awards show. Thanks to her, MTV received the kind of attention it hadn’t gotten in years.

Top performances of the night belong to Fall Out Boy with Rihanna, Kanye, Alicia Keys and boy wonder, Chris Brown. Take notes, Britney. And here are few tips:

1. We’ve seen every single part of your anatomy. Cover up, already.

2. You shaved your head, now own it and ditch the bad weaves.

3. You are not Gloria Gaynor. Leave the dance anthems to her and beef up your repertoire. You’ve had experiences for two lifetimes, now sing about them.

4. Also, fire your stylist. Fire your publicist. Fire your producer. Fire your wig maker. Fire your make-up artist. Every new day is an opportunity to start fresh and to make things better.

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