Thursday, September 13, 2007

Je me souviens

A year ago, a misunderstood, misguided, lonely and crazed gun man opened fire at Montreal’s Dawson College, quieting one soul and wounding countless others. And, two days ago, we sadly celebrated the sixth anniversary of September 11th.

Some have questioned the yearly commemorative celebrations of these events. It is primordial that we remember. The same way we remember Veterans’ day, the Holocaust, Rwanda, Tchernobyl and the Tsunami. These are all man-made human tragedies. We need to remember in order to retrace where and how we’ve failed.

Just like a difficult heartbreak, it would be wonderful to simply put a band-aid on the untouchable pain and heal it. But helas, such is not the case. To understand the break up, you have to look at old pictures, analyze old arguments and retrace first dates. Then you factor how you’ve grown from the experience and how, next time, things will be different. Man-made tragedies such as the Dawson shooting should remind us to guide, when we can. Listen, when we should. Pay attention when someone cries out to us and never ignore the writings on the wall. And hopefully, like after a bad heartbreak, we learn to love, trust and believe again.

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