Monday, October 29, 2007

Bons Baisers de Sarkozy

Leave it to 60 minutes to rekindle my obsession for Men in French politics. Last night, France’s new President Nicolas Sarkozy showed the American public what the fuss has been all about. Brash, direct and un-cookie-cuttered-like, Sarko refused to dance to Lesley Stahl`s beat. Despite his cult-like love for all-things Americana, Sarko refused to answer questions on his personal life and stormed out of the interview when he deemed a question simplement stupide. I love 60 minutes and in my opinion, it is the best American TV Magazine along with Frontline and Charlie Rose but it was time for someone to break the interview-mole TV viewers have been fed for years. I have fundamental ideological differences with Sarkozy but I thank him for reminding journalists – and us - that sometimes, personal life really does mean personal. Freedom Fries that.

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