Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Born to Run

Watching 60 minutes on Sunday night, I was reacquainted with Bruce Springsteen. Reacquainted not because I had forgotten about him but in the current midst of hailed talentless artists, I had lost touch with the essence of Springsteen. With the soul of a working man and the naivety of a hometown boy, Bruce Springsteen is about music and heart. I was a pre-teen when I received Born in the U.S.A.. It was one of those rare perfect albums. Since then, I’ve danced to it, I driven with it, I treadmilled on it and I’ve loved with it. It’s not original but Born to Run is my favourite Springsteen anthem. I have blushed guessing the song’s double-entendres and the song is a reminder that verses and choruses that shake you to the core, are rare and almost inexistent these days. Outspoken and mad about the deviation America has taken, Bruce Springsteen is more than a wise aging zillionaire rock star. He is part of a rising conscience who, with a bit of luck, will vote in herds in November 2008. A new world order, even in music.

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