Monday, October 22, 2007

Revenge of The Nerds

Last week, former U.S. veep Al Gore received the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. An Oscar nomination, a Golden Globe, a walk on La Croisette, Leo Di Caprio on his speed dial: Al Gore has made it.
For many years, he was associated with stiffness and having a wife who didn’t enjoy Prince’s Purple Rain but now, Al has proven to be the embodiment of many useful life lessons:

1. Sometimes, the path you’ve planned for yourself is not the one you would be best at;
2. Failure is often preparation for future successes;
3. Traveling around the world as a winning-documentarian is much cooler than sitting in an oval office and dealing with crazy colleagues and even crazier international counterparts;
4. Geeks are better than jocks.

Often, we are stuck on the cool factor, dismissing those who don’t past the test. We should remember when choosing a leader that we are not choosing a new best friend thus the same standards don’t apply. This is a lesson Americans and Quebecers are learning the hard way.

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