Monday, November 5, 2007

Dirty Dog.

When news broke that a tape containing a racist rant by Dog « The Bounty Hunter » Chapman had been leaked to the National Enquirer, a few days ago, all media-hell broke loose. All eyes were turned to Al Sharpton and to A&E, the network which broadcasts the Bounty Hunter’s TV show. As expected, Al Sharpton did his shtick and A&E, rightfully cancelled the TV show. What I found funny in this ordeal is how surprised everybody was that the Bounty Hunter is a raging racist. Have you not seen the show? And, as a Black girl, I can safely say that the Black community absolutely doesn’t care about Dog the Bounty Hunter, or at least it shouldn’t. We have school systems to reform, social policies to adjust and candidates to elect. So, let Dog The Bounty Hunter grow his mullet and be a racist. No one cares.

The Rant:

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