Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels On The Loose.

Arrrgggh! Explain to me why TV shows are booking Dog the Bounty Hunter Chapman. Fox’s H&C last night, Larry King tonight and I imagine a slew of others in upcoming days. The man used the word Nigger in a private conversation with his son. That makes him an interesting TV guest?

When is Television going to be a voice for victims and not a podium for idiots trying to save whatever’s left of their 15 minutes of fame? I would expect a network like CNN to politely tell Dog Chapman’s publicist a simple “No thanks, we’re not interested in assholes”.

I saw footage of the red carpet for the American Gangster premiere. And there was a seemingly comfortable Mel Gibson, posing for pictures, shaking hands with Denzel Washington and other Hollywood A-listers. What? Why wasn’t there anybody throwing tomatoes at that idiot? Why does he feel comfortable enough to be seen in public and posing for pictures? Would it be so difficult for magazine editors to put Mel Gibson on a black-list and to instruct their photographers to ignore him?

When has standing up become so difficult and blurry?

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