Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fight For Your Right To Profit

At midnight yesterday, the Writers’ Guild of America declared war on TV Screens across the world. By striking, writers are protesting their right to a larger piece of the giant pie that has become the American Media Domination. American because it is being produced in the United States but in reality, the pie has crossed all borders and formats known to Man. Is there a place where TV is not available? If this place does exist, don’t even bother telling me about it. I’m not interested.

Digital formats have challenged the legal system since the beginning. Adjustments are long overdue and writers do deserve more. And, in the wake of the never-ending string of bad reality TV (Flavor of Love not Amazing Race), never has the work of writers been more crucial. Even if writers are not above reproach, remember that it is possible to make improvements in 2 and Half Men scripts – not so for the next episode of I Love New York - Support the Writers (and hurry giving them what they want!)

How much more of this must we endure?

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