Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Look Who's Turning 50.

I’m not a big-action film type of girl. I don’t fancy weight lifters either. I do however marvel at Arnold Schwarzenegger. Today, Arnold turns 50. With all he has accomplished in such a short time, 50 is really nothing. To say Schwarzenegger is the American Dream on steroids is an understatement. He made a seemingly impossible “To-Do” list and proved most of us wrong on the way to checking it off. Keep your name despite being advised otherwise because you are proud of your heritage: check. Become a body-building champion: check. Break all sorts of Hollywood box-office records: check. Marry the perfect mate who just happens to be American Royalty: check. Become Governor of the 5th most important economic power: check. Go beyond political party conventional lines and actually make a difference in office: check and check.

Actually, Arnold Schwarzenegger is more than the American Dream. He is the perfect Immigrant. He embodies all that is great with the promise of a new land. Adopt its ways, work harder than everyone around you, succeed, get involved, make a difference and be thankful for the opportunities. A model that should be exemplified – particularly these days in Québec.

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