Wednesday, December 12, 2007


They tried to make me go to rehab I said no, no, no”.… and just like that, prophetically, Amy Winehouse’ first hit single, Rehab, was a glimpse into her less-than-perfect lifestyle. And now, emulating what seems to be the norm in the Entertainment biz, Winehouse is spiraling out of control in the difficult and unkind world of hard drugs and worse – co-dependency as her husband, an addict himself, is locked-in on drug charges.

Her parents have written an open letter to the British paps begging Amy to get help. Perhaps part of Amy’s problems stem from uncleaver and distant parents? Now, overzealous loud mouths (read: equally uncleaver dimwit Sherri Shepard from The View) have called for a boycott of Amy Winehouse’s music. The theory being that such as drastic measure would make the young singer realize she needs help and that her fans are behind her.

First, Sherri Shepard needs to stick to comedy (I’m totally ready for Barbara Walters to fire her. She has brought absolutely nothing to the show). Second, Amy Winehouse’s drug problem is a battle she must fight on her own, when she’s ready. An intervention – should there be one – should come from her fame-seeking parents and her close friends. It’s not up to fans, many of whom use music to escape their own problems, to clean up an artist’ mess.

Before the Fall

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